Our goal is to simplify and solve problems of all kinds .We offer everything that is necessary for a smooth flow of a project or service.
There are no further delays caused by the lack of communication between all parts.


  • We have a self-propelled barge with a capacity of 1100 mt;
  • We work with international shipowners;
  • Transport with cereal goods, tarpaulins and tanks;
  • Customs consultancy;
  • Representation before customs authorities and also solutions to any problem that you are experiencing in terms of customs;
  • Prepare customs declaration for release for free circulation, place goods under economic/suspensive customs regimes, permanent and temporary exports;
  • Prepare EORI applications to admit companies to the EC Customs computer system;


  • A quick solution for any type of request with a successful ending;
  • Absolutely transparent policy;
  • Confidentiality, reliability;
  • Protecting your interests as a customer;
  • Cost optimization;
  • Dual control of documents at any stage of delivery;
  • Professional team who can handle your projects 24/7¬†;